Bettina Schimmer

Bettina Schimmer looks back on more than 20 successful years working at the intersection of the classical music and media industries. After completing her studies of German philology, art history and philosophy in Cologne with various working stays in Paris and London she began her career at EMDS Consulting.

Important career milestones include the four years she spent working at the Bayerische Staatsoper Munich as the Head of Marketing and Sales under General Manager Sir Peter Jonas, as well as her position as Head of Marketing and Sponsoring for the Gürzenich-Orchestra Cologne.

She founded Schimmer PR in 2008 as an agency specialising in public relations and media work for classical artists, orchestras and institutions.


Schimmer PR
Lindenstraße 14
50674 Cologne


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Aris Quartet - String Quartet

Expressive, dynamic, impressive – the Aris Quartet has been at home on international stages for more than a decade. With its unmistakable sound, it has long been known as one of the world’s top-rank chamber music ensembles. The ensemble’s success is no coincidence: having earned numerous first prizes at prestigious competitions, the Aris Quartet quickly achieved its international breakthrough. The musicians have also been honored as ECHO Rising Stars by the European Concert Hall Organisation, are among the BBC's New Generation Artists, and have won five awards at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich.
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(c) Julia Wesely

Chamber Orchestra of Europe

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE) was founded in 1981 by a group of young musicians who became acquainted as part of the European Community Youth Orchestra (now EUYO). There are now about 60 members of the COE (including a dozen founding members), who pursue parallel careers as principals or section leaders of nationally-based orchestras, as eminent chamber musicians, and as tutors of music.
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DSCH & beyond (Shostakovich-Cycle) - Holzhausen Concerts // Eliot Quartet

To mark the 50th anniversary of Dmitri Shostakovich’s death (August 9th 2025), the Eliot Quartet will perform an extraordinary series of concerts in cooperation with the Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung in the Holzhausenschlösschen. The performances will also celebrate the Frankfurt ensemble’s tenth anniversary. The twelve-part concert series starts on February 8th 2024.
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Titus Engel - Conductor

The search for new concert forms and the dramaturgically meaningful fusion of old and new music are central to Titus Engel's career. Besides symphonic repertoire of the 19th and 20th centuries, he has a deep passion for baroque music performances on historical as well as modern instruments. From 23/24 he is the Principal Conductor of the Basel Sinfonietta.
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Eva Zalenga - CD-Project "In Relations"

brief information On their album ‘In Relations’, soprano Eva Zalenga and pianist Doriana Tchakarova revive forgotten connections between outstanding composers of the 19th century and the most important poets of…

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Holger Falk - Baritone

"Holger Falk is anyway one of the intellectually and vocally most flexible singers on German stages" the Magazine Opernwelt wrote. Colourfulness, flexiblity and authenticity in his expression are the artistical sources of his international carreer as an operasinger as well as an interpreter of art song.
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Tobias Feldmann - Violin

Praised by The Telegraph as a “real discovery” and for his “ravishing, unspotted lyricism”, German violinist Tobias Feldmann is one of the most interesting musical personalities of his generation. His multifaceted performances are characterized by stylistic versatility, strong stage presence and emotional depth.
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GoldMUND & Anna Veit "Das Ensemble GoldMund macht [...] Chansons zum kammermusikalischen Gesamtkunstwerk" (Süddeutsche Zeitung) - Die Musiker der Münchner Philharmoniker und die Sängerin Anna Veit suchen und finden in der ungewöhnlichen Kombination von Stimme, Blech und Schlagwerk den Dialog zwischen Klang und Text als neue Ausdrucksmöglichkeit von Stimmungen, Emotionen und Atmosphären. Im Oktober 2024 veröffentlichen sie ein neues Album. 
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HERBSTGOLD – Festival in Eisenstadt

From 11 to 22 September 2024, internationally renowned artists from a wide range of genres will be performing at the seventh edition of the HERBSTGOLD Festival in Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, Austria. A place of special sounds, artistic performances and a unique setting. The festival motto for 2024 is "Seduction".
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HIDALGO – Festival for Young Classics

HIDALGO is Munich's most innovative start-up for classical music. Since 2016 the multi-skilled team passionately ties seemingly contradicting worlds together, creating intense, intoxicating experiences. They produce unique concert events and the yearly HIDALGO Festival for young classical music, which first took place in 2018. It features young, successful artists from all over Europe. It is named after the Lied "Der Hidalgo" by Robert Schumann. According to the magazine "Crescendo," the Festival for young classical musicis one of the "most exciting young and innovative classical music festivals with a focus on Lied in the world." The patron is star baritone Christian Gerhaher.
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Äneas Humm - baritone

The young Swiss baritone made his debut at the Stadttheater Bremerhaven at the age of 18. In the summer of 2019, he completed his vocal studies with Edith Wiens at the renowned Juilliard School in New York. Previously, studies led him to the Hochschule für Künste Bremen. His first solo CD "Awakening" with pianist Judit Polgar was released by the label Rondeau in October 2017 and was followed in the autumn 2021 by the second solo album "Embrace" with the Hawaiian pianist Renate Rohlfing.
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Simon Höfele - Trumpet

Simon Höfele has established himself within a short space of time internationally as one of the most successful trumpet players of the young generation. He was BBC Radio3 new generation artist, Rising Star of the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO) 2019-20, OPUS Award Winner 2020 and is host of the WDR3 podcast KLASSIK CRUSH.
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Kebyart - Saxophone Quartet

Founded in Barcelona, Kebyart is one of the most promising ensembles of the current music scene. These four talented musicians share an endless passion for chamber music and wish to bring fresh air in the way classical music is communicated. Their endeavour to transform their performances into a unique experience results in an explosive and vibrant staging, which has been praised by audiences and specialized critics. The distinctive signature of Kebyart is revealed in a creative and open approach to the repertoire, which goes in three directions: the original literature, the commitment with nowadays music and their own arrangements of wide variety styles.
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Kuss Quartet - String Quartet

The Kuss Quartet has been standing on the international stage for many years and has remained true to its trademark by developing conceptual programmes, always searching with curiosity for the confirmation of the eternal "Muss es sein" of string quartet playing.
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