Ildikó Szabó with new album “Heritage” – family tradition, musical heritage and modernity

“I call the album ‘Heritage’ because these compositions are my musical roots. They are part of my identity as a musician and as a person.”

It is without coincidence that Ildikó Szabó has been well-connected in the Hungarian contempory music-scene since childhood: her grandfather, Csaba Szabó, studied with students of Zoltán Kodály and continued his folk music research as a composer himself – despite Ceaușescus prohibition. And her father Péter Szabó, solo cellist of the Budapest Festival Orchestra under Iván Fischer, is also one of the outstanding musicians of his generation and was also solo cellist in the Camerata Salzburg under Sándor Végh.

With her current album “Heritage”, including two world premiere recordings, she not only continues the Szabó family tradition, but presents a convincing statement for the national musical heritage. At the same time, the recording is also a delightful “calling card” of the fresh modern cello repertoire and its extraordinary playing techniques and challenges.

Ildikó Szabó, who is currently studying at Kronberg Academy and based in Berlin, takes us on her very personal journey: “The aim of this recording is not only to arouse musicological curiosity, but above all to sensitize the audience to new music and composers that have not yet been recorded or are rarely played. To encourage colleagues to try out the techniques required, but above all to pave the way for the music of Hungarian and Transylvanian composers”.