CD release: Linos Piano Trio first recorded the complete Trios by C.P.E. Bach

“Reinventing the repertoire”: it may seem like a tall order, but this is how the Linos Piano Trio describes the philosophy at the heart of its music making. The interest in discovering neglected works was the inspiration behind their debut CD (CAvi music), the premiere recording of the complete Piano Trios by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. He wrote these trios in response to a new shift in the culture of musical performances, the rise of the private music making at home and the thus newly fashionable genre of Piano Trios in the late 1770s. There can easily be drawn a parallel between this and the current situation during the Corona-crisis. Also today, making music primarily happens at home, but shared with an audience via livestreams. Even the few concerts that can take place are smaller and more intimate than they used to be. Chamber music and works for small ensembles are on the programme whereas it is still not possible to perform large-scale works.

Bach wrote these thirteen charming and highly individual works on this recording as Accompanied Keyboard Sonatas but also referred to them as Trios. Although small in scale, they feature the full range of his mature musical style, rich with feelings, wit and rebelliousness.
Seeking to give the pieces wider exposure, the Linos Piano Trio, whose members are committed practitioners of historical instruments, opted to record them on modern instruments and strongly advocate that these works should be given equal standing to their better-known contemporaries by Haydn and Mozart.

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