Vera-Lotte Boecker: Role and house debut as DAPHNE at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin

“Vera-Lotte Boecker …, whose radiant singing, ethereal even in the upper realms, possesses the kind of pure beauty, grace and naturalness that makes one a willing captive.” …”But they are all outshone by the luminous power of Vera-Lotte Boecker in the title role. It allows the soprano to emancipate herself from the surrounding characters at a vocal level as well, and when she starts her final vocalise, which (insists) on the target key of F-sharp major (…) for what seems an eternity, the entire auditorium is enveloped in a scintillating, almost mystical lustre.”
Opernwelt, Jürgen Otten

“She came, she sang”, “Vera-Lotte Boecker is not only an outstanding soprano, she also plays stunningly – now she is Richard Strauss’ “Daphne” at the Staatsoper Berlin.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Egbert Tholl

“In her long inaugural monologue, fantasticly sung by Vera-Lotte Boecker with an ideal voice for the original Strauss coloring, Daphne declares her love for nature, which is much more: it is an almost unbounded passion.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Helmut Mauró

“Her voice is as limber as clearly delineated and capable of a childlike glow, as the character of Daphne requires. That she also comes so close to Daphne’s lightness in performance makes her a stroke of luck for this role.”
FAZ, Clemens Haustein

“The scene belongs to Daphne alone, to singer Vera-Lotte Boecker, who dedicates herself devotedly to Castellucci’s ideas… . You have to watch her entranced, and her flawless, youthful yet golden-glowing soprano is beyond reproach.”
Frankfurter Rundschau, Judith von Sternburg

“Vera-Lotte Boecker pushes the limits and becomes the thrillingly honest center of this premiere.”
concerti, Roland H. Dippel

“Vera-Lotte Boecker can use her graceful soprano wonderfully […] she is the bright spot in this production.”
Berliner Morgenpost, Volker Blech

“Musically, the performance is a gem. Everywhere soloistic splendor […] while Vera-Lotte Boecker dominates the scene as an intense actress and musically with luminous cantilenas.”
Tagesspiegel, Sybill Mahlke

“Musically, the production is gratifying above all because of Vera-Lotte Boecker’s youthfully radiant Daphne, at the same time so confidently commanding her giant phrases…”
Berliner Zeitung, Peter Uehling

“Vera-Lotte Becker has already won all the hearts of the audience, so warm and rich in color, so intense and indulgent is her singing.”
klassikinfo, Bernd Feuchtner

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