“Glowing Ice Queen” – Vera-Lotte Boecker sings and performs “sensational LULU debut” at the Wiener Festwochen at the Musiktheater an der Wien

“What a role debut! Vera-Lotte Boecker sings and acts the title role in Alban Berg’s opera “Lulu” at the Musiktheater an der Wien. There were extremely high expectations ahead of this debut in one of the most complicated roles of the 20th century – they were all exceeded. … Lulu is hard work and can bring the great happiness. Both apply here. Boecker masters the gleaming high passages, gives them a precisely dosed degree of edge; she coos and whispers, can shape the spoken passages like an actor in a way barely anyone else in her profession can match and has the body feeling of a dancer and an understanding of theatre like that of a director. … This Lulu is a glowing ice queen, perhaps even the avenger of all women…”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Egbert Tholl

“Vera-Lotte Boecker is a shatteringly good Lulu, fragile yet hard as steel, piercing and vulnerable, as sure of herself as she is lost in an uncaring world, with intonation clear as glass and effortless virtuosity.”
Financial Times, Shirley Apthorp

“It is a great evening for Vera-Lotte Boecker: a Lulu whom one gladly credits with a certain inscrutable dangerousness. This voice can sound imperious, with coloraturas that could shatter a glass. And is it only pretence when Lulu seems to surrender herself to the men? Vocally, at any rate, Boecker presents a nuanced version of the role, underpinned by enormous energy and stamina.”
Nachtkritik, Reinhard Kriechbaum

Soprano Vera-Lotte Boecker is “vocally more or less the ideal Lulu”
Kleine Zeitung, Martin Gasse

“Lulu, this receptacle for projected yearnings of every kind, is taken to the limits of what is vocally manageable in masterly and courageous fashion by the German soprano Vera-Lotte Boecker. Minimalistic acting combines with vocal drama.”
Der Standard, Ljubiša Tošić

“Vera-Lotte Boecker’s soprano is impressive … she is the naive child-woman, and dangerous.”

Kronen Zeitung, Karlheinz Roschitz

“The musical aspect? It is excellent. Vera-Lotte Boecker presents a Lulu who is unbelievably vocally intense …”
Kurier, Peter Jarolin

“Above all, Vera-Lotte Boecker was impressive in the title role, with her fearless presence and precision right to the very last note.”
Wiener Zeitung, Judith Belfkih

“Most notably, Vera-Lotte Boecker sings the difficult role of Lulu; she does so in engaging fashion … and is equal to all its demands, including the very topmost soprano notes”
Salzburger Nachrichten, Ernst P. Strobl

“Magnificent Vera-Lotte Boecker”
Tiroler Tageszeitung, Stefan Musil

“Especially Vera-Lotte Boecker as a sublime Lulu with a full emotional presence”
OÖNachrichten, Michael Wruss

“Vera-Lotte Boecker masters the murderously difficult title role … with brilliance. The out-of-the-way harmonies of this 12-tone composition do nothing to trouble her secure intonation. Despite its coloratura agility, her soprano voice has a full timbre in all registers. It does not become thin even in the highest heights and gives the many low-lying passages all the necessary power. That is something very few interpreters manage.”
Die Presse, Wilhelm Sinkovicz

“It was all the more remarkable with what precision the young soprano Vera-Lotte Boecker mastered the title role, with complete security in the high passages.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Reinhard Kager

“From a vocal point of view, the title role was sung in masterly fashion by Vera-Lotte Boecker, whose voice is as brilliant and incredible as the figure of Lulu herself.”
bachtrack, Chanda VanderHart

“Vera-Lotte Boecker plays her role with an intensity and devotion that makes you shudder. This Lulu beguiles and frightens … In any case, she masters Berg’s murderous role with somnambulistic certainty.”
Falter, Miriam Damev

“And then there was the Lulu of Vera-Lotte Boecker (named as 2022 Singer of the Year in Opernwelt magazine). It’s a shame she wasn’t allowed really to act out the part physically, but in sheer musical terms her performance was sensational, putting her in the front rank of lulu interpreters.”
OPERA, Gerhard Persché

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