Harry Bannoehr

Frankfurt-born Harry Bannoehr was already listening to Yes, Johann Sebastian Bach and Frank Zappa as a ten-year-old – rather unusual musical fare for his age. His brother also exposed him to Black Sabbath and AC/DC.  This musical education ignored all genre distinctions and led to aspirations to become a church organist and to bask in stage limelight. He was able to indulge in the latter for 20 years as a singer in the a cappella groups “U-Bahn Kontrollöre in tiefgefrorenen Frauenkleidern” and “Rock4”.

In 2012 he changed sides in the music business and began devoting himself to promotion and consultancy – again, without regard to genre. Harry Bannoehr is a freelance consultant in the team at Schimmer PR.

In addition to music, he engages intensively with photography and film. This has led to work as a film editor and photographer. Music making continues as well! All in keeping with the motto: “Music is the best” (Frank Zappa).



Schimmer PR
Winsstraße 17
10405 Berlin


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