Trio Catch: Ohrknacker

Livestreamed concerts with discussions

Livestreamed concerts with discussions

After a break caused by the pandemic, the Ohrknacker series is now continuing in 2021 with four new online events in streaming format, featuring compositions by Daniela Terranova (15 Feb.),Tomi Räisänen (8 Mar.), Irene Galindo Quero (29 Mar.) and Sara Glojnarić (19 Apr.). The live streams each last an hour. The musicians from Trio Catch, together with the composers, invite the audience to take part in online discussions before and after the performances.

After the concerts, a stream – this time without the discussions – will be available for two weeks in the radar section of the radialsystem website.

The “Ohrknacker” concert format of Trio Catch – Boglárka Pecze (clarinet), Eva Boesch (violoncello) and Sun-Young Nam (piano) – has been conceived in collaboration with the Berlin label bastille musique. Ohrknacker concerts aim to open ears and present new sounds. Each hour-long concert focuses on one work that is played twice and subjected to closer examination with audience participation and in the presence of the composer, all in an unconstrained, relaxed atmosphere. Admission is free to everyone, without age or any other restrictions and without any musical knowledge required.

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