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Trio Catch: New album “As if” released on label bastille musique

(c) bastille musique

World renowned chamber ensemble Trio Catch’s new album “As if” features five premiere recordings and whisks the audience away on a journey of the vast expanses of the listening experience. In their recording of „Was wäre wenn…?“, the three musicians Boglárka Pecze (clarinet), Eva Boesch (cello) and Sun-Young Nam (piano) question traditional interpretative practices and envision novel ways to contemplate, perform and experience music. The unconventional album is sure to leave the unsuspecting listener in awe of the audacity of the chamber music ensemble. Works such as “As if” (2017) by Johannes Boris Borowski, which the album is named after, the Catch Sonata (2016) by GĂ©rard Pesson, Chrysanthemum (2014) by Vito Ĺ˝uraj and Johannes Maria Staud’s Wasserzeichen (2015) characterise the nature of the album. Paul Juon’s four Trio Miniatures, that were composed at the beginning of the 20th century, complement Wolfgang Rihm’s Little Walz (2004) in bridging the way back to the contemporary period.

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