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Molyvos International Music Festival 2019

(c) Charis Akrivadis

This year marks the fifth birthday of one of the world’s most exceptional chamber-music festivals, the Molyvos International Music Festival, which has established itself within the cradle of European culture on the island of Lesbos. From August 16 to 19, stars of the instrumental scene will appear there in a wide range of combinations to perform amid a breathtaking historical open-air setting as part of a “DIA-LOGOS” of many voices. The six main concerts will take place in Molyvos, a heritage-protected town in the north of the island that takes visitors away into a unique world with its characteristic stone cottages, medieval steps, tiny lanes, Turkish fountains and Byzantine walls, as well as its Byzantine castle, the venue for five programmes, which towers over the whole.

History is in the air everywhere here, and the festival’s motto and programme also make an almost inevitable reference to Greek history and its tradition of philosophy: the word “dialogos” was spread through the famous dialogue method of Socrates, which this ancient thinker saw as a tool “to encourage self-reliant, independent thought by individuals in small and very small groups.” This is also an ideal precept for making and listening to music together, especially in the case of unknown or new repertoire such as the pieces composed by David Orlowsky of Germany (who is also among the festival’s interpreters as a clarinettist), hearing-impaired Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie and Nickos Harizanos of Greece (a world première) that will be played in 2019. On its four main days, the festival runs through the dialectic triad of thesis, antithesis, synthesis in the individual programmes, interrupted by phases of musical “Reconciliation” and dialogue. This programme structure, conceived down to the finest detail, reflects the high degree of commitment on the part of the performers at this year’s festival and of its artistic directors, Danae and Kiveli Dörken.

For this anniversary year, Danae and Kiveli Dörken have once more slotted in a “pre-festival” (August 8-12) ahead of the event proper. This entices music fans to come to different venues on Lesbos and, for the first time, to the neighbouring island of Chios, for four additional concerts. On August 13, there will be a concert which the Norwegian percussionist and cimbalom player Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen who will create a connection to last year’s motto “Genesis”. From this day onwards, the organisers also promise special “Musical Moments” – performances once or twice daily at surprise venues that are announced only on the day itself.

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