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Completion back towards the origin: Holger Falk and Steffen Schleiermacher release the last volume of their Eisler Lieder edition

Hanns Eisler has left more than 500 songs, and piano songs are also among his very first surviving compositions. On the fourth and last episode of the selection of Eisler’s songs, Holger Falk and Steffen Schleiermacher dedicate themselves to these early works and bring to light a quite astonishing discovery: as an autodidact, the young Hanns possessed an incredible feeling for the singing voice, and the ambitious artist also reveals himself in the piano part. Parts one to three of this edition, highly praised by the critics, retold Eisler’s changeful personal and artistic biography, part four now gets back to the roots.

“He was one of the most creative musical heads of the 20th century in Germany, whose musical imagination can be compared to that of Schubert”, states Holger Falk. For all these early works, it is already relevant without limitations what Falk said about the later ones as well: “One can note that there is always mastery behind the structure, even though they seem rather simple. It is almost impossible to find someone else in the 20th century who can compose such folksong-like melodies and also dares to do so.” In these early songs, there is a certain musical language which one would not immediately associate with Eisler. Holger Falk is sure: “There is a romantic in Eisler, which even he himself may not have wanted to see. This romantic is very audible even in these songs.”

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