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Simon Höfele releases new CD “Mysteries”

“Disconcertingly beautiful” is how Kerstin Unseld from German broadcaster SWR 2 described his sound – Simon Höfele has achieved an undisputed reputation as an exceptional talent on the trumpet, and although he is only 23, he has also collected a large number of prizes: he is the SWR 2 “New Talent” and a member of the prestigious “BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists” scheme for nurturing young talent. His instrument would not seem to be one really predestined for reticence, yet he seeks out the subtleties it offers. “Trumpet is a versatile instrument only when you can play it softly,” Höfele says, saying that he looks for sounds “at the other end of the trumpet spectrum”. And with obvious success: his “silky-smooth tone” fascinates critics and audiences alike, as do the aplomb and effortless ease with which he masters the greatest technical demands.

This mastery is particularly required in the field of new music, to which Höfele says he has always had a “real affinity.” And he has already convincingly demonstrated this affinity in his concerts and recordings. “Mysteries” (GENUIN)is the name of his latest studio endeavour, featuring a wide selection of pieces covering 50 years of music history from 1966 to 2016, from Japan, Hungary, France and Scotland to Vienna.

Naturally, Simon Höfele and his trumpet occupy centre stage in this production, but they are not always alone: Höfele’s successful collaboration over several years with the pianist Eriko Takezawa works brilliantly well again here, as does the new partnership with percussionist Kai Strobel. The trumpeter describes his two musical partners as a “great, great stroke of luck” – and that also applies to the feelings listeners will have when they hear his new CD.

GENUIN // GEN 18499 // German release: 2 February 2018

> press release with all information about the new CD

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