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MIRROR / 41st Dresden Music Festival from 10 May to 10 June 2018

In times of social change and political reorientation, there can be no more fitting symbol than the mirror. And that is the theme director Jan Vogler has taken for the 67 events at 24 venues taking place during the 2018 Dresden Music Festival: “Music reflects our emotions and thoughts, our values and our visions. At the 41st edition of the Dresden Music Festival, we will explore the various influences music has on our individual existence and our society under the motto of ‘mirrors'” (10 May – 10 June 2018).

The violoncello, an instrument whose tone has always been considered to reflect the human soul, has been given a very prominent place at the 2018 festival by Vogel, himself a world-class cellist: “Cellomania” will present visitors with a series of 11 concerts that can deservedly be called a summit of the international cello scene.

In the festival series “Original Sound”, historical performance practice can be experienced as reflected in the mirror of vital present-day interpretations.

But contemporary music production will also be prominently reflected in Dresden, as is clearly shown by the première to be featured at the 2018 festival: Tan Dun’s “Buddha Passion”, a spectacular commissioned composition for choir and orchestra inspired by the murals in the grottos and caves along the Silk Road, will be given its world-first performance on 23 May in the Kulturpalast. The work will then travel around the world, with performances in New York, Melbourne and Los Angeles. The Munich Philharmonic and the Prague Philharmonic Choir will be conducted by the Chinese composer himself, who is well-known to a wide audience outside the classical music scene as well for his Oscar-winning film music for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

Another highlight will be the concert performance of Hector Berlioz’ opera “La Damnation de Faust” (1 June).

The spectrum of musical reflections at the 2018 festival also includes jazz, world music, dance and musical readings.

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