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CD release: Maximilian Hornung plays Cello Concertos by Tsintsadze and Shostakovich

The German virtuoso Maximilian Hornung presents two Soviet cello concertos from the year 1966 on his new studio album for the label myrios classics : the No. 2 by the Georgian composer Sulkhan Tsintsadze in its first recording on CD, and the No. 2, op. 126, by Dmitri Shostakovich, partnered by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (DSO) under Andris Poga.

Before working on the cello concerto by the Georgian composer Sulkhan Tsintsadze, Maximilian Hornung carried out some primary research on sources. His interest in Tsintsadze, who brought Georgian folklore into the concert hall and later became a key figure in the music scene of his country, was fired by Eldar Issakadze: “My Georgian teacher, to whom this CD is dedicated, made Georgian music accessible to me. He gave me the music of a cello concerto by Tsintsadze – just the piano reduction and the solo part – and an old record that he himself had made many years before in Moscow. From the first moment on, I was fascinated by this work, and it was clear to me that I wanted to play and record this concerto as well one day.” This youthful enthusiasm on the part of the Augsburg-born cellist led to intensive efforts over nearly two decades to obtain the original performance material.

With his new studio production, he is establishing himself not only as a mature and reputable chronicler of recent cello music history, but also as the rediscoverer of a solo concerto that was almost unknown up to now, yet has the potential to become a classic in the repertoire: “For me, the cello concerto by Tsintsadze is one of the most important concertos from the Soviet Union. It is perfect in every regard. It has unbelievably profundity and is incredibly dramatic, but always with a glimmer of hope that conveys: ‘Everything will be all right all the same.’ Very much in contrast to the second cello concerto by Shostakovich, which makes a hopeless and dramatic effect on me, without any hope of recovery: the apocalypse is always very close by.”

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