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CD Release: Cuarteto Casals plays String Quartets by Beethoven

The Cuarteto Casals is issuing Vol. 1 of its complete recording of the string quartets by Ludwig van Beethoven on the Harmonia Mundi label under the title “Inventions”. The innovative non-chronological grouping of the individual works reveals striking new interrelations – quite apart from the fascinating interpretations by this “quartet for the new millennium” (The Strad)..

With its current studio production, the Cuarteto Casals proves that despite the countless outstanding recordings that have already been made of these Beethoven works, it is still possible to wrest even more profound, fresh and new aspects from them. The unusual way the pieces are combined contributes greatly to this: the grouping is not chronological, but carried out on the basis of the stylistic orientation of each work within each of the three major phases of the composer’s life. Vol. 1, entitled “Inventions”, thus brings together works of initial inspiration, of experiment, of exploration – in other words, the always new starting point in each of the biographical periods: the “period of apprenticeship” (1782-1802), the “heroic period” (1802-1812) and the “mature period” (1813-1827). “This grouping, however abrupt it may seem, makes it possible to better highlight the salient elements of a manner of composition that strives for a salutary form of introspection.” (Jean-Paul Montagnier)

“Revelations” and “Apotheosis” will appear as Vol. 2 and 3 of the complete recording in 2019 and 2020.

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