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Marc Bouchkov – YsaĂże-Chausson-Bouchkov

This recording already received the Diapason d’or / Découvert in November 2017. In his review of the album, the journalist Jean-Michel Moulkhou describes Marc Bouchkov as a “violinistic personality to be reckoned with”, an “exceptional talent” whose technical skills and musical approach carry conviction and can “challenge the laws of gravity”

Musical expression is Marc Bouchkov’s constant driving force. His playing is informed not only by an in-depth knowledge of the scores, their historical context and what goes to make an authentic interpretation, but also by his view that a performance should communicate directly with the audience. The resemblance of the sound of the violin to that of the human voice inspires and motivates him to express feelings and emotions in such a way that listeners can experience them for themselves. This desire for expression also underlies the composition of the two very personal works by Marc Bouchkov on this recording and gives the context for understanding them.
Fantaisie pour violon seul (2015) is based on Ukrainian folk tunes that were sung at the Maidan demonstrations and thus became a powerful symbol of the Ukrainian people – Marc Bouchkov has his family roots in Ukraine, and he sees his work as an epitaph for the victims of the Maidan massacre of 2014.
Mélodie (2011) is dedicated to his great-grandmother, Doris Vaitsner, who was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust. In this piece, he movingly explores his memories of her: she was an important and influential part of his childhood with her “melancholy optimism” and her great love of music (she was constantly humming little tunes to herself).

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