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Deeply touching moments near and in the water: Soprano Sarah Wegener presents her début solo CD with pianist Götz Payer

After one of her last programmes took listeners into the woods, Sarah Wegener is staying in tune with nature on her first solo recording by plunging “…Into the deepest sea!”. The singer, who has a British mother, speaks of having had a special affection for the sea ever since spending the summers of her childhood on the coast in Devon and Cornwall. And, as she found while researching for this new programme, she is not alone in her love: “Like forests, sea in literature is a place of yearning; it is elemental and deep like love, and wild like passion, and often it is the place of death. At the same time, it is a symbol of the peace and serenity of nature, but also of its uncertainty and secrets.”

On their recording, which will be released on CAvi (International Release on 8th of December), Sarah Wegener and her partner on the piano, Götz Payer, aimed to present a very personal and undogmatic view of the song texts and thus to achieve “a form of music making that is as authentic as possible and guided by the natural flow of speech.”

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