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CD-release: Vadim Gluzman plays Brahms

In his newest studio production with the BIS Label, Vadim Gluzman shows himself to be an exceptionally gifted interpreter of Brahms (BIS 2172 | German release: 6 April 2017). The Ukrainian-born musician combines two works, the Violin Concert D-Major op.77 and the Regenlied-Sonata op.78 which, despite being composed in the same year, could not be more different. In so doing, he proves his deep empathy for the emotional extremes of the German Romantic as well as displaying its wide-ranging sound on the four strings of his 1690 Stradivarius “ex-Leopold Auer”, with which he has regularly entranced concert-goers from every continent over the years.

For Vadim Gluzman, Johannes Brahms has been a key companion in his musical life since childhood: “The Brahms Concerto has been following me (or I should better say I have been following it) since my very early days in music. I remember vividly sitting in my father’s library, listening for hours on end to the incredible renditions by Oistrakh, Szeryng, Stern, and dreaming one day to be able to play this overwhelming piece of music myself.” The fact that Isaac Stern’s protegé has waited this long to play the work that has been so important for his artistic development – the new Brahms album is his 17th CD – shows the great respect Gluzman has for this music, as well his acknowledgement of the necessary maturity needed for a competent interpretation.

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